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Nursery School Wrap Up

We had a fun and lazy week. Oh, we still learned together, but somehow it seemed like we didn't really have a real direction.... I'm fine with that.

intentional learning


We read to each other daily. There's not much more to tell. You can see some of our read-alouds here.


Robbie wrote lowercase letters on his slate and got a bit upset with me when I tried to explain that his letter pieces and mat were really only meant to be used on uppercase letters.

He cut out these wristbands from his "I Can Cut" book, but he didn't want to wear them.

RockerDad made him these cool screw activities at work. He was simply twisting them with his fingers in this photo (because we couldn't find the screwdriver). With or without a screwdriver, it's great fine motor work.


We played a few rounds of "Go Fish" with his Toy Story playing cards. He counted his pairs by twos as a fun way to practice.

I made this activity out of some craft foam for Robbie to practice recognizing ordinal numbers. We didn't get around to using it this week, though. The basic idea is that I (or he) will choose an ordinal number card and then he will place a marker/counter/other small item on the appropriate little block on the right.

For those of you with printers (unlike myself) I made a Valentine's Printable version of this activity. Click the image below to see the post.

playful learning

Robbie spent much of the week in costume. Here is a shot of him as Batman. (He dressed himself in a white dress shirt, black dress pants and black & white shoes to be Bruce Wayne. That's my boy!)

He still enjoys setting up and playing with his trains.

making mom smile


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  1. Such a fun age. I miss having such little ones!

  2. I have an award for you over at my blog.

  3. Kids can learn from almost anything even if nothing is planned. I love all the potato heads!

  4. Robbie has quite a collection of potato heads. Thanks for the award too!

  5. Looks like a fun filled week! Some of the best weeks, are those that don't have organized direction :) Visiting from HHH.

  6. Looks like our homeschool! My favorite is when your son cut out the wrist bands but didn't want to wear them. Of course not. :) Stopping by on the Hip Homeschool Hop!

  7. I love your ordinal work, and really like the blue and yellow mat that allows you to change the numbers. I may have to make one of these myself!


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