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It may seem as though Robbie and I have stopped reading together, but it isn't so. I simply haven't posted about our reading in months. I'll admit, though, that since our move I have slacked a bit in the read-alouds department.

I never stopped altogether.... trust me... I simply haven't been as consistent as I used to be. We only have a handful of books where we're currently staying and I don't have a library card... yet. I'm hoping to have one by the end of this week!

"God Gave Us You"
Lisa Tawn Bergren

This is Robbie's current favorite book. We read it at least once each day. The story tells of a mother polar bear telling her little cub where she came from (from God). Robbie loves to hear stories about when he was inside my tummy, so I think this was perfect for him. (Thanks so much to our dear online friends, Deena and Alanna, for sending this book to him!!!)

  • Pussy Willow (Margaret Wise Brown)

  • A Child's Garden of Verses (Robert Louis Stevenson)

  • The Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss)

  • The Poky Little Puppy (Janette Sebring Lowrey)

  • The Little Golden Book of Fairy Tales (Gordon Laite)

I always initiate a mini-narration from him when we're finished so that I know he understood the story. Of course, we read more than these, but many have been listed before, will be blogged about at a later date or weren't worth a report.

To see what others are reading to their children, please visit the link below:


  1. We have God Gave Us You, too. I need to pull it out and read it to my girls. The Poky Little Puppy is one I remember from my own childhood! :-)

    I hope you have a good library in your new hometown!

    Thanks so very much for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday!

  2. Popped over from Hope is in the Word to check out your RAT post. We haven't tried the God Gave Us...books yet but they look really, really cute! I'm eager to get my hands on a copy.

    I love that you do a mini-narration with your kids after reading. Sometimes I do it (if I think the book is a bit over their heads) and sometimes I don't. I think I'd rather err on the side of doing it though to encourage discussion. Thanks for mentioning that, as now I will be thinking about it!

  3. I like the idea of mini-narration. I was just thinking yesterday that we read so many books, yet I don't often ask daughter to retell them. However, I am sure she comprehends the stories pretty well since she sometimes pulls some sort of detail, especially from non-fiction books, much later.

  4. We also love God Gave Us You. The follow-up book, God Gave Us Two, is a nice book for introducing the idea of a sibling.


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