Looking Back: Valentine's Day for Tots and Pre-K

Valentine's Day is not a huge deal in our home, but we have enjoyed some fun learning activities over the years.  Here are some of our favorites!  (Most everything you'll see here is either a free printable or uses materials purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Also, the stages listed are general guidelines... feel free to play fast and loose with the age ranges.)


Robbie enjoyed a printable name puzzle (ours was a modified version of this one at 1+1+1=1).

We used a pack of foam heart stickers in various sizes for several activities.  Pictured below are sequencing by size/sorting by color as well as a set of numeracy cards I made for him.  (Index cards, foam "love" bug stickers and foam hearts.)

Robbie has always loved baking, no matter what the occasion.

Heart name puzzle, foam heart activities and baking Valentine's Day treats

Pre-K and Kindergarten

A few years ago, I created some Free Valentine's Math printables:

Free Valentine's Math Printables

Any Age

Make a Valentine's Day themed Play Doh bin.  Ours included dough in shades of red, pink and purple, along with cutters and laminated hearts and flowers.  (If memory serves me, I believe that Robbie mostly made Transformers out of any and all Play-Doh at that time, LOL.)

Smushy Valentine's Fun

Ahh.. the sensory bin.  Robbie showed more interest in this one than most others (probably because of the rocks.. he's always loved rocks).  Again, these were all Dollar Tree materials.  Some items were from the Valentine's section and others were from the wedding area.

Dollar Tree finds for sensory exploration

Robbie's favorite... the Lego Bin!  For Valentine's Day, I simply put his red and white bricks into a bin and placed them on a school shelf.  It was always interesting to see what he'd create when faced with limited colors.  (He still had access to his other colors, but seeing a bin of these would generally make him want to build with just those bricks.)

Red and white Lego Bin for Valentine's Day

The original post showing these three bins in action:
Weekly Wrap-Up.. Valentine's Fun

I hope that you've enjoyed looking back with me.   What Valentine's activities have your little ones enjoyed?

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