Wrapping Up the Summer

I thought I should check in, again... since it's been a while.  Things are fine with life and homeschool.  In life, we are slowly getting our new home ready. In school, we are able to cover the basics, but more than that isn't easy with so many people in the house distracting us.  (Makes me glad we got those early weeks in over the early summer.)

Reading Alfie the Werewolf on his Nabi2 Tablet.

Robbie is currently enjoying the Alfie the Werewolf series.  He really likes to read on his tablet, so he has the whole set of these books on there.

We have secured a tiny area in the basement here for our school time, but I doubt I'll be taking pictures down there. 

First soccer game (he's #2), a turtle in the yard and lots of missing teeth..

Soccer season has started and Robbie is more attentive and agressive on the field this year... but still spins in circles and plays in the dirt when he feels like it.  My mom found an eastern box turtle in her garden and Robbie enjoyed hanging out with it before we left it alone.  He's also lost 6 teeth!!

Robbie caught his first fish, earned his fishing and swimming belt loops and loved camping!

Robbie joined Cub Scouts (Tiger Den) last week and has already had his first weekend campout.  He learned to fish and had such a great time with RockerDad and Tyler.

Okay, so that's a bit of what we've been up to.  (The rest is boring... mostly renovations.)

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  1. How cool that Robbie has Cub Scouts. Hopefully, you will move into your permanent house soon!

  2. He is so cute. Looks like he has been having a lot of fun. I love it when they lose teeth. My James lost a bunch all at once too.


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