Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #7

We're currently in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia at a family reunion, so I scheduled this to post before we left on Tuesday evening. Needless to say, our week was short. Robbie was attending VBS with his cousins last week, so I've included some photos from then, as well.
Robbie made some bookmarks for us. He's very proud to see his own designs on the bookmarks we use for his read-alouds and his readers. 

He finished Hooked on Phonics (HOP) Second Grade, Level 1. We'll start Level 2 when we return from the reunion. The concepts are nearly all review for him. Sounding out words and comprehending what he reads are not a problem for him. He seems to get overwhelmed by too many words on a page.

He REALLY wants to do the HOP Master Reader, but (aside from the outrageous price) I don't think he's ready to tackle that much print. The truth is, Robbie has turned into a somewhat reluctant reader lately. He is VERY excited about the Master Reader program... especially the computer portions. (I have used items to sell that will pay for it, so the price isn't the big issue here.)

I'm trying to decide if I should buy something I know he'll love and will gradually increase his quantity of text, or stick with what I have (Phonics Pathways, which we'll use, anyway, for concepts and reinforcement) and keep his lessons boring while I try to choose books to gradually increase his stamina.

Here are some of this week's read-alouds. 

Robbie made peanut butter cookies. They were really good! 

He went to the park with Tyler. I wish they could spend more time together. 

He had a blast at VBS. Despite the unsure look on his face (which had to do with the fact that he hates getting glue on his hands), I think crafts class was his favorite. 

Finger paint mixed with shaving cream was a HUGE succes in the Pre-K class.

I helped with snacks on two of the days. One day, the memory verse had to do with being strong, so the kids were given snacks with which to make dumbbells. 

Robbie loved that! Oh, and he actually ate food that had not only touched another type of food, but he ate it all together.

Robbie found a glow sword (a glow stick with a handle) at the Dollar Store. Here is a dark and blurry shot of him having fun with it outside. 

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  1. What a great week for you guys! I wish I had some of those cookies! Thanks for linking up.

  2. What a fun week. On the subject of phonics - have you looked at http://www.progressivephonics.com/? This is the program I used to teach Anna to read, and it's completely free. I saved tons of money that way :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I tried Progressive Phonics when Robbie was younger, but he didn't respond well to it. I just looked at it again and it seems that he already knows nearly all of the skills listed in their advanced books. I may print out a few as they pertain to what we're covering if needed. :)

  4. I love the simple elements of summertime learning. We do a lot of that here too. Thanks for sharing. Here from the HOP


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