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I have been trying to gather my materials (and my thoughts, lol) for Robbie's Pre-K year, which will start September 6. (I blogged about our curriculum choices and such in this post.) I've been slowly getting my lessons planned and entered into Homeschool Skedtrack (a free, online homeschool planner). I'm still waiting for Robbie's math materials to be delivered so I can wrap my head around things and plan those lessons.

I'm glad I've given myself this extra time to plan. Even though he's unofficial (as far as the state is concerned) this year, I want to get into good planning and record-keeping habits.

Any advice or thoughts from those of you with more experience? I'd appreciate any and all insights. :)

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  1. Personally I like having a teacher's guide to go from. We're using Heart of Dakota this year and have enjoyed Sonlight in the past. Anway I plan week by week. Each Sunday evening I sit down and write out what I expect to be completed for each school day the next week and as the kids finish assignments they can check them off. This works really well with my older two and with my younger two I'm much more flexible. :)
    Enjoy the journey. They won't be young long. I think teaching them to read, love learning, and honor the Lord really is what's important. It can be too easy to get caught up in the "did we do enough" which can draw me away from what the really important lessons are.
    Blessing to you. I hope you have a great year. :)


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