Weekly Wrap-Up

Our week was disrupted a few times in both good ways (my parent's spent a day with us) and not-so-good ways (we were waiting since LAST Friday for the installation of a new water heater , which didn't happen until Thursday... yes, yesterday), so I don't have tons of pictures of the things Robbie did. Next week, he'll be staying with my parents to attend VBS with them, so I'm still trying to figure out what I'll do with myself... (he's never been gone for that long before).

Anyway, here's a (tiny) peek into our week:


We're still working our way through his NIrV Bible Story Book.

Language Arts

Robbie completed lesson 4 (and the first unit of three) in his reading lessons this week. He read his "big boy book" (as he calls it), "Slim Sam". He also continued reading in his Dick and Jane book as well as began reading from McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader. I have added the last two for variety and, because they start out so short and simple, for fluency.

If you ever wish to see the things Robbie has been reading, you can check out his Book List. The list can also be accessed under the "Reading" menu above.

He made "Helper Word Rockets", too. These are from his Hooked on Phonics - Kindergarten lessons.

I quizzed him on the review words and he only had to color the ones he couldn't read on the first try. (He didn't miss many out of 4 rockets.)

I posted more about some of our methods and fun in my weekly Reading With Robbie post.

He has been working on basic handwriting sheets I make for him on K/1st grade paper (I'm simply making them by hand).


We managed to complete several lessons this week (two in one day because he didn't want to stop). He knows how to group and recognize quantities 0-10 as well as what to add to 5 to get numbers 6-10. He is also grasping even and odd numbers as well as the concepts of parallel and perpendicular.

Sorry about the lack of photos. I'm very involved in his lessons, so pictures of us using RightStart won't be as frequent as other subjects.

Everything Else

Paint by numbers (from the Target dollar section)...

He built a rocket after reading this book. It's been a long time since he played with these blocks.


What have you been up to this week?

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