Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Theme for our studies this week
Are you sitting down?? We had a garden theme. I know, I know... we had a theme last week, too. I'm just as surprised as you are.

We mainly used this wonderful Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations. Robbie loved it!!

Click Here to see how this unit was used on the Homeschool Creations blog.

Great books we read together


Our Current Read-Aloud post can be found here. It has a few more of the books about gardens we enjoyed this week.

Books and stories Robbie read to me
You Can, Too
My Cat
Tim Has a Hat
Peg-Leg Meg
In the Pen
In the Sun

Learning and exploring...

... sorting seed packets ...

... garden-related vocabulary (he matched the little word cards in the bottom right with the correct picture) ...

... parts of a flower puzzle and word cards ...

As Mom/teacher, I found this week to be
... scary ... a tornado ripped apart much of our town ... This photo was taken in the afternoon (approx. 5 or 6 hours before the tornado hit)

A favorite hands-on project
... working in his little corner of his Moo's garden ...

We laughed when
... he was so dirty from working in the garden that he actually needed a thorough "pre-bath" before he could get into the tub for his REAL bath ...

I am praying for my child to
Continue to love learning and grow to be a self-confident, compassionate and tolerant man... but the man part doesn't need to rush itself.

I love that he loves to learn...

Our Favorite extracurricular activity was...
... does coloring Easter eggs count? ...

Mom's favorite...


I'll be linking this post to Preschool Corner, Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers and Mama Buzz.


  1. Robbie's outfit is very nice! I am glad that you're safe - tornado must have been very scary!

  2. LOVE the garden theme! :)
    We had tornadoes all around, but they skirted around us. So devastating to see all the news reports and photos about so many who lost homes and lives. Glad y'all are ok.

  3. Yikes on the tornado! What scary weather! We read My Garden recently too. We loved the pastel drawings! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  4. It looks like a very fun week. Love the picture of your little man in his suit! We had fun coloring eggs, too. And, thank God you are okay. So sad for those who lost so much!!

  5. Glad you guys were safe. Your garden project is awesome!! Can't wait to watch it grow.


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