Reading with Robbie...

Reading With Robbie

Wow! I haven't posted yet this week. What's wrong with me? LOL!

Well, Robbie is flying through Hooked on Phonics K Level 2. He's doing a lesson per day (he could do more and sometimes wants to, but I feel that would be overkill). He's finished Lessons 1-3 and read 2 stories and a reader. He'll do the Unit 1 review today and then I'll decide if we should just dive right into Unit 2 on Friday or wait until Monday.

We're moving back to Tennessee soon (no date as of yet), so I will probably just keep moving forward daily (as he is ready/willing/able) because I'd hate to get there and be stalled in the middle of the level. It wouldn't kill either of us, but I'd either like to finish it before we go, or wait to start it until after we get there, kwim?

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