Reading with Robbie...

Reading With Robbie

Well, we skipped a few days this week to have some Valentine's fun.

Robbie read two "Bob Books" to me today and read all of Lesson 11 in his HOP K. He read a story at the end of the lesson.

I've created a variation of the "Honk Game" from Phonics Pathways that we used to solidify short vowel sounds that covers all word families and helper words in HOP K Level 1. I'll print it out to use as soon as I have some cardstock (RockerDad is looking for some as I type). He really loves that game, so I'm hoping it will be a good way to practice some automatic recall of sounds, blends, dipthongs and word families that he knows, but aren't quite automatic, yet.

We'll probably take a week off after we finish Level 1 for games and practice before we (purchase) and delve into Level 2.

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