Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3.5 years old.

intentional learning


He's read through some workbooks and a few easy readers this week. We've played some phonics games and such as well.


Robbie has recently shown a keen interest in writing words. He never really cared to write anything but his name before.

He wrote on his Handwriting Without Tears slate:

I also made him these reusable tracer cards (lowercase on one side and upper on the other).

I simply drew the card (you could print yours... I still have no printer) and laminated them (back to back for two sided). I don't have a laminator, either, so I simply used clear contact paper. It works really well and the washable crayons wipe right off!!! (We don't use dry-erase markers because, being a lefty, Robbie smears the ink as he writes.)


We didn't really do anything too formal. We mostly played games and worked on skip counting to 100 by 10's, 5's and 2's.

I posted a printable winter-themed generic game board. Here is the link to the post, in case anyone is interested:

Winter Game Board Printable

I've made several more math games and printables which I will be sharing very soon.

practical learning

Robbie now has a chore/behavior chart. He must have all checks when Daddy gets home to be allowed (limited) time playing either the DS or the Wii.

playful learning

I posted about our snow and ice sensory bin here.

This is Robbie's winter-themed play-doh bin.

He's finally reached the stage where I can leave the play-doh bin out for him to use whenever he wants. He always puts it back when he's finished.

I made Robbie a snowflake play-doh mat. I simply made a paper snowflake, glued it to a piece of construction paper and laminated it. He really liked this.

We discovered that, at least for our particular snowflake, it worked best for us to roll out balls and place them on the snowflake and then to squish them to make them stick together. It added another dimension of fun.. lol.

(I also made him some play-doh word mats, but he wasn't interested in them at all.)

making mom smile

Wearing RockerDad's PJ's and using his own baby blanket as a cape...


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    Have a great weekend

  2. You rock, your son rocks. Love your ideas!

  3. Great job to him for writing his name!! Love the Handy Manny PJs!

  4. I need to get some of those washable crayons.. Sammy is (I think) going to be a lefty and is smearing stuff when he writes.

  5. Robbie is such a smart boy!! I'm glad he is starting to enjoy writing...those tracer cards are a great idea!!

  6. He sure did a great job writing his name. Awesome fine motor skills.

    We have those dry erase crayons and we love them.

  7. Our crayons aren't special dry erase ones. They are simply cheap, washable crayons. They work great!! (They used to work great on our old white board, too!)

  8. I live how you seperate the parts of your week for the blog! Looks like yall had a great week!

  9. It's hard without a printer and laminator, but I lived through that last year too. Even with a laminator now, I often choose not to to save money. I only laminate the things I know the toddler will get to.


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