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I am still trying to obtain the funds and materials to make a calendar for Robbie's school area. I'm hoping to have one up and running by February (I had really wanted to start with the new year, but it didn't happen.) I hope that someone will find these links helpful.

Counting Coconuts has my absolute favorite calendar setup. I'm hoping to do something very similar for Robbie.

Day In Day Out has a simple, yet very aesthetically pleasing calendar.

Mama Jenn has another calendar that I really like.

Please, share a link to your calendar and give any ideas you'd like to share in my comments section. I need all the help I can get!!

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  1. OKay, this was Bear's first calendar when we lived in Costa Rica and I didn't know where to get pretty teacher supplies. It's poster board and construction paper, all things you can get inexpensively if you are very tight with money. And paperclips.
    It's not beautiful, but Bear loved it anyway. It got ruined in the move so we have a different set up now. Mine always takes up more room than every one else's because we do a trilingual calendar. Hope this helps.


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