Reading with Robbie...

Reading With Robbie

Robbie started the day off by doing a lesson and a quiz on He had no problem with the lesson and got all 15 questions correct on the quiz. I'm so proud of him. He also played some reading (and math, but that's not what this blog is about) games on his Leapster.

He is so obsessed with Mario Bros. for both the Wii and DS that I am now using them as a reward for good behavior and attitude. He's not nearly as crazy about his Leapster (I'll admit, the games ARE pretty boring). I really need to see if they make any truly educational games (that would be appropriate for him) for the Wii and especially for the DS. His Daddy sees nothing wrong with him playing video games. Well, if he's going to be playing them, they may as well be educational.

He also read his book, "Cat", and did his Unit 1 review for his Hooked on Phonics. I'm already seeing a huge improvement in his fluency. I definitely like their readers better than the Bob Books. So does Robbie.

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