Silly Spuds

Robbie absolutely loves his Potato Heads. He got one when he had just turned two and loved it. Then, it all snowballed the following Christmas. Nearly everyone bought him one. That's how he got so many. (I've actually had to remove and store some of the potato bodies due to space.)

Here is a photo of him with some of his creations.

... minor adjustments ...

... sometimes he pretends to BE a potato head ...

He enjoys the smaller ones almost as much as the regular ones... especially his Chicago Cubs potato head.

It looks like the silly police officer had just defeated Darth Tater.

When the parts and pieces go everywhere...'s time to sort and compare.

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We Play


  1. I love all of the creations he comes up with for his potato heads!

  2. so much fun! Have you tried making real potato potato heads with him? That's how they were originally sold.


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