Sensory and Discovery Bins

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This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite links for gathering ideas for sensory bins (and so much more, but we'll focus on the bins today).

Counting Coconuts

No Time for Flashcards


Play Create Explore

Tactile Toddler

My Obstacle Course

I Can Teach My Child

These are pretty cool posts as well:

149 Sensory Bin Ideas @ Living and Learning

Our Worldwide Classroom

See our sensory bins


  1. We love sensory bins too, so thank you. I have quite a large linky list of sensory bin contributors which can be found here -

  2. This has completely nothing to do with your post but I just realized that I wasn't "following" your blog!!! Well, I am now!!

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog! I follow some of the others as well and i'll be following you now too. Love your site! I have a few other sensory bin posts as well:
    Ocean Sensory Bin--

    Shaving Cream Christmas Sensory Bin:

    Thanks again!


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