Reading with Robbie...

Reading With Robbie

Today's lesson was a bit shorter than yesterday's. We did a quick review of Lesson 1 and completed Lesson 2. He played a memory matching game using words from the first two word families (-at and -an). I thought I would catch him guessing by including both "cat" and "can", but he isn't guessing.

Whew!! I want him to sound out unfamiliar words, not guess.

He asked if he could read the book "Tim and Sam" from his Kindergarten Level 1 box (it's the book the child reads upon completion of the entire level). I told him that some of the words might be a bit hard for him, but that I'd help him with those words if he really wanted to try. He did a very good job. There were a few words he didn't know how to sound out, but he still did very well.

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