Planning for the Upcoming Week(s)

Well, today I am preparing and planning for this week. I am looking forward to the day when I once again have a printer. Until then, I must make everything we use by hand.

I feel like I've been a slacker-mom ever since our move to Illinois. I miss having all of our books and materials. I have realized that our lack of structure in our days has led to some craziness in our lives, so I am attempting to remedy that.

Well, we all know, I am no good at themes... even though I do love to see how others use them. Not having a printer and my inability to obtain books that fit with themes are a part of my difficulties. I have, however, decided to try to use topics for fun and learning without pressuring myself to use these topics for everything. I don't like the pressure of trying to make everything "fit". (I still envy those of you who are able to pull it off week after week.)

Our first topic will be Snow and Ice. We will start the topic this week and continue with it until we feel like moving on. (See... no pressure.)

Here are a few things we will be using or doing this week:

  • Play Doh mats for phonics and spelling
  • Daily activities each covering one day of Creation
  • Nature walks to observe winter
  • Tracing and Cutting sheets

I still have to gather both my thoughts and my materials for our numeracy and math time. I also still need to make our calendar board.

Robbie has developed a bit of an obsession with Mario (for both the Wii and the DS), so I plan to limit his time and use it as a sort of reward. I am going to be making a chore/behavior chart of sorts where he can "earn" video game time.

I feel like I'm full of plans and nothing else. LOL! Hopefully, I'll be able to get us settled into a routine of fun learning over the next few weeks. (Perhaps posting this stuff here will help me with the accountability factor.)

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