Number Bonds and Quantity Identification Printables


We're using sheets like these for our Quantity Identification activities. In the beginning, I will place 1-3 objects on the rectangle (truck, leaf, etc) and Robbie will either match the quantity with the objects, the corresponding number card, tally sticks, abacus, etc. without counting (I will allow counting, but I try to discourage it so that he can learn to recognize the quantities instead of always relying on counting). I gradually increase the max quantity by 1. I have made a few variations so that these can easily be printed and used throughout the year.

These are the sheets we use for number bonds. These sheets allow Robbie to play with all the possible whole number combinations that can make up the given number/quantity. A number card (or quantity of objects or even another presentation of a given quantity) can be placed in the large circle and the child is give that number of manipulative items to divide into the two smaller circles. This is a great hands-on/visual way for small children to begin to grasp the relationships between numbers.

Here are links to some of the cards I mentioned above:
Numeral Cards
Finger Cards
Tally Cards

Please feel free to share any other ideas you have when working with any of these printables. If you blog about using these, I would really appreciate a link back to this post.



  1. Thanks for these! I most likly will not be using them anytime soon. But when I do I will blog about it :)

  2. thank you! i had come across this in the past, but had no use for them. luckily i remembered where to find them, now that i need them!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing all this things! I am a new teacher here and I am enjoing all your ideas!!!


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