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Robbie is 3 years old.

I know, it's been a while since I've posted. So much has happened, yet not much has changed.. here's a quick rundown... RockerDad found a job here in IL, but we're still living in the basement of one of his cousins. We're trying to save money to move out, but it's a tough and slow process. It's been rough to keep up our schooling (mostly because I believe that I'm battling a minor depression, but I'm working through that).

I haven't been great about taking photos (even when we actually do things), so I apologize for such a short update covering such a long period of time.

intentional learning


Robbie has been sailing through his Reading Eggs lessons. He has also been steadily progressing through Phonics Pathways in two 5 minute sessions per day. Although I'm not concerned with his reading abilities at this age, his confidence and attention span are both growing rapidly.


He completed two Kumon workbooks (the last lessons of his Tracing book and all 80 pages of his mazes book) in 3 days. I have yet to get him some new books, but I will soon since he keeps asking for them. He has also been working on his cutting skills.

He's been enjoying his Handwriting Without Tears slate. He decided to write the letters of his name one at a time one day. He actually asked me to grab the camera and take pictures.. lol.


We're continuing to use the methods outlined in Activities for the AL Abacus as the basis for our math activities. I'm still waffling over whether we'll use the full Rightstart Mathematics program in the future, but we are loving the way things are presented.

Here is a shot (another photograph request from Robbie) of his completed "stairs" on his abacus. (He has recently taken a keen interest in math over reading, so we've been having lots of fun with this.)

I also made these sheets (which need page protectors... mental note) for matching quantities in various forms.

practical learning

Robbie has been helping out more and more with household chores. He doesn't have any regular duties yet, but I think they're coming soon.

I snapped a quick photo of Robbie washing the kitchen table.

playful learning

...watching his new Toy Story 3 movie with his toys...

...riding in a wagon with his cousin, Meghan, while cousin Abby pulls them up and down great-grandma's driveway on Halloween...

...posing with the Peanuts crew at Bass Pro Shop...

...trampoline time with Daddy...

...working his upper body at the playground...

making mom smile

I guess the fact that all of his dress-up costumes are in storage in Tennessee won't stop him from being Batman... (note the Batman boxer briefs over his Speed Racer pajamas..)


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  1. Oh how sweet that he has his Toy Story toys there watching the movie :) Looks like you guys had great fun. I'm stopping by again from the Preschool Corner link up.


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