Life in the Basement...

I though I'd post a few pics of the (tiny bit of) progress I've made this week on our living space. While we are extremely grateful to RockerDad's cousin for his hospitality, living in an unfinished basement surrounded by horror movie memorabilia is not always inspiring.

Here is a photo of our little area not long after we arrived (please ignore Robbie's undies and jammies on the bed, he was in the shower and I had just laid them out for him):

This is how it looks now. I know it's still not great, but I think it's an improvement:

There is a small bar with two stools in our area, but this was how it looked until the other day:

Now, it is our computer/school/whatever area. I even found an unused drywall mud tray in the basement to hold our mail and such. The trivet (or whatever that circular thing is) holds electronic whatnots (cell phones, mp3 players, frequently used charging cables, etc.). You can also see a bit of our entertainment center (lol). Again, it's not ideal, but it's better:

I borrowed this unused shelf from another part of the basement and now we have a tiny little manipulative shelf:

This old Easter basket (also from the basement) is now Robbie's book basket. I even managed to clean up this old end table and found a chair to place beside it. Presto! A reading nook!

Okay, so it is what it is... an unfinished basement. It is a bit easier to be here now. I hope that the next time I post about organizing and such that it's from our very own place!

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