Weekly Wrap-Up

Robbie is 3 years old.

Well, I'm working on finalizing our plan for the upcoming year. I'll be posting more about that soon. Here are some highlights from our very, very unstructured week.

intentional learning


He's back to doing his reading lessons daily (in Phonics Pathways).

He's also enjoying his last few weeks of his free trial at ABC Reading Eggs.


I have no pictures, but he mostly colored and drew on his own this week.


He informally worked on number recognition by adding stickers to his Toy Story 3 sticker book (from Target). He had to look at the number on the back of the sticker and find that number in the book to place the sticker correctly.

For those of you who wondered if he got his semicircle:

If this makes no sense to you, you can read about our conversation here.

practical learning

I found his old lock and keys and he's had a blast with them this past week.

playful learning

In typical Robbie fashion, he spent an entire day dressed as a soldier while he guarded his fort. He loves to dress up! (Gotta love the snow boots!)

One day, the temperature dipped into the high 80's, so we went to the park. He had a blast riding his balance bike around the walking track (and I had to run to keep up with him).

natural learning

Our amphibious friend:

making mom smile

Fun with $1 party favors:

He's such a silly boy! Later, he put on his black cowboy hat and told us that he was Mr. Potato Head.


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  1. I love that he is dressed up and on guard, at our house(all girls)my 4 yr. is always dressed up in her princess attire. I don't even know why I get her dressed in the morning. lol Thanks for sharing, gonna go check out phonics link.

  2. We have that same type of book for How to Train Your Dragon. My kids are nuts for it.

  3. Love the semi-circle! What a fun sticker book!

  4. I love the balance bike picture! Amazing! I am now following you from the homeschool hop, stop by my corner sometime!


  5. Sounds like a great week. I am impressed with Robbie's computer skills. Daughter is about a year older (I think), and she just now mastered a mouse.

  6. Yeah Mom! He got his semicircle. So excited for him.

  7. Where did you find the Toy Story sticker book? And how did it work...matching the stickers to the numbers in the book?

  8. Karin,

    The sticker book came from Target. The stickers each have a number on the back and they each correspond to a number in the book.

  9. I think its terrific that he got his semi-circle!

  10. I found you at Tot School, and I love the fort/soldier picture!


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