Robbie's New Balance Bike

I've wanted to get a balance bike for Robbie for quite a while, but the price of the ones I found was too prohibitive. I was thrilled to find this one on rollback at Walmart (online) for only $22.00.

... he fell down on purpose to be dramatic. I thought it was funny.

These pics were taken the day the bike arrived. He's already balancing for long stretches. I think this is his favorite toy so far in his young life.


  1. Bear has a Strider bike. I wish I had known they had knock offs at Walmart! Anyway, she has yet to learn to balance on it, but let's just say we haven't taken her out to practice too much this summer, as neither her dad or I can stand the southeastern heat! Robbie is a quick learner!

  2. I grew up in this horrible southeastern heat and humidity (I'm in TN... an hour from North GA) and I can't stand it. I've been letting Robbie ride on the non-carpeted surfaces in the house as long as he's respectful of everything. He has been so far. He inherited his coordination from his Daddy. I could easily trip and fall while asleep. ;)

  3. What a great deal you found!! Looks like he is having a blast! I was actually contemplating taking the pedals off my son's and seeing how it worked for a balance bike that way.


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