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Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3 years old.

intentional learning

Everything here has been a bit out of whack for the past month or so. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things as soon as RockerDad's vacation is over. Here are some educational and fun highlights of our summer days:


Robbie finally started working on one of the Tot Books I created ages ago. This is the Days of Creation accordion book from my Creation Tot Book.


He's been reading several of his Bob Books and Calvert K Readers while he continues working through Phonics Pathways. He is blending so well and seems to intuit many phonetic combinations that we have not yet covered. I'm very proud of how well he's doing and he wants to keep going, so we will!

He's played this past week at ABCReadingEggs.com (we have a free trial until September 1). Even though he hasn't covered anything new, I love that he's having so much fun working through the lessons. He is also developing great mouse control.

Here is a shot of our new method of using the writing portions of Explode the Code. I decided to use the small magnetic whiteboard midway through the lesson. He had spelled the words orally and I wrote them. Then, he used his magnetic letter tiles to spell the words himself. We've since been using only the tiles. He loves using the tiles and I love that he is spelling the words in a kinesthetic way.


He's finished a few lessons in both his Kumon Tracing and Coloring books. He's also kept working on his scissor skills.

He played with his Beads and Baubles one day and decided to place all of them on a single string to make a super necklace.


We've still been playing games and using ideas from the Activities for the AL Abacus book. I'm still in love with the method. We're taking things very, very slowly.

I made this game for him to use with his finger cards. He loves placing the cards behind the corresponding numeral. I'll continue to use this sorter as he progresses to the tally cards and abacus cards.

He has continued to do pages in his Singapore and Horizons books as he requests them, but I try not to mention worksheets most of the time (because he rarely wants to stop).

We also do real-life math throughout each and every day.

playful learning

His Reading Fort:


... and in

His Daddy decided that he deserved a reward for reading his first five books:

Robbie chose a Batman costume! (... and yes, those are underoos and cowboy boots)

natural learning

He touched a big horseshoe crab.

He visited historical places in the Smokies.

He climbed the Minister's Treehouse.

(More info on these adventures can be found here.)

extracurricular learning

Summer Reading Program at our local library:

He made this frog and a fish necklace during craft time. The theme for the first week was TVA Water Safety.

making mom smile

My little cowboy is a ham.

I adore this photo of Robbie and RockerDad in the Smoky Mountains.


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  1. Wow! Ya'll had an amazing week. I recently went through a box of my school stuff and found some of those library card holders and was thinking to myself, "What can we do with these?" Why I didn't think of a math activity, I have no idea! Anyway, I'm loving the Batman pic! My little one usually dresses up like Madonna (bracelets and necklaces everywhere), even though she doesn't know who she is.

  2. I love those magnetic tiles... I think I'd like to find a set for Ainsley.


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