Recent "Field Trips"

The Minister's Treehouse (more info..)
RockerDad and Robbie had fun visiting The Minister's Treehouse last week.

Here is the best shot of the whole treehouse that they returned with. It is partially hidden due to the foliage during the warm seasons.

This is a better shot of the structure during winter.

Here you can see how the reclaimed lumber (the wood is all reclaimed) is constructed into what looks (to me, anyway) like branches and bark to support the gigantic structure.

Robbie climbed all by himself.

He had so much fun!

This is the view from the top.


Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies (more info..)

Sarcosuchus (Super Croc), Megolodon (giant shark jaws.. on the lower level), Archelon (Giant Sea Turtle), Some Whale or Another - in the entryway

Watching the eels...

...touching horseshoe crabs...

...touching stingrays...

...hugging a fake penguin...

...pretending to be a diver from "a long time ago"


Cades Cove (Great Smoky Mountains National Park) (more info..)

I'll just let these photos speak for themselves...


  1. What a great bunch of field trips! We have been to the Ripley's down in Myrtle Beach but I hear amazing things about the one in the smokies. We will have to check that one out sometime. (We are in VA)

  2. You took some beautiful pictures of Cades Cove. and that tree house is amazing! Thanks for sharing :)


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