Reading to Mommy...

Robbie has been loving his reading lessons. He is so proud that he can read and spell words. These are the books he's been reading:

These are from the first set of Bob Books and the Calvert Kindergarten reading program (I got the Calvert readers used a long time ago).

He's read each of these twice over the past two weeks. I want him to read them a few times each, but spaced apart enough that he doesn't memorize them. I wish I knew how many times he should read these.

He really enjoys these stories. They make him giggle. I cover the illustrations and reveal them after he's read the page so that he can avoid guessing. He gets excited to see pictures of what he has just read. He has picked up some things from his mommy reading aloud... he asks me things like, "What do you think will happen next?" :)

I'll post updates on what he's been reading to me every week or two (if there's anything to tell).

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