Science Corner: A Few Activities We've Enjoyed

Science Corner

I promised this post a few weeks ago, I'm sorry it's taken so long. We've been having so much fun that blogging has been the last thing I was worried about. :)

I picked up this crystal growing kit for $1 somewhere (I can't remember if it was the Dollar General or the Dollar Tree.) I thought it would be a fun observation experiment (plus, Robbie loves rocks in general). He also learned about solutes and attraction.

Robbie mixed the crystal starter with water in a big measuring cup.

He then poured the starter mixture into the tray with the rocks in it (both included in the $1 kit). Of course, he then took out his trusty magnifying glass for a closer look.

Here is what he had after a few days. He thought this project was really cool. He loved observing the daily changes.


My brother got this rocket for Robbie as a birthday gift.

Here is the base after being filled with baking soda (after showing Robbie what happens when baking soda and vinegar meet). He loved learning about the carbon dioxide gas bubbles that formed from the chemical reaction. New vocabulary is cool.

RockerDad poured the vinegar into the rocket.

After joining the rocket to the base and turning it over twice (quickly) to get a good mix of baking soda and vinegar, he placed it on the sidewalk. Here they are waiting for the liftoff. (RockerDad doesn't usually go around in his undershirt, but he was mowing the lawn on a 100 degree day after working 10 hours. I apologize if anyone is offended.)

This rocket probably launched about 20 times (on different days) before it cracked under pressure (lol). It was lots of fun.

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