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I've discovered quite a few things I didn't know about my son this past week or so (regarding his reading, that is).

Even though I've been purposefully spending as much time as I can get away with on basic c-v-c words as we work through Phonics Pathways, he is figuring out some phonetic "rules" without being instructed, such as:

* is, has, his, and some plurals and possessives, etc. use the \z\ sound for the single letter s

* how to read two consonant blends at both the beginning and the end of words (i.e. Fred, hand, Grant)

He can now track words with his eyes, blend them in his head (silently) and then read the words in a relatively fluid style. He will still stretch out the sounds of some words on occasion (caaaaaaaat), but he hasn't chopped them up ( \c\ \a\ \t\ ) in a long time. ("Cat" was simply used for demonstration purposes, he doesn't sound that word out.)

He can now fluently read sentences such as:

* Zan can win.

* Sam can see the hat.

* Jan's fat cat sat on Max. (This made him laugh out loud.)

He can and will follow simple written instructions, such as:

* Sit on bum.

* Tug on him. (Him=Daddy)

* Get a hat.


He didn't really read any new books to me, except for the ones at the end of each lesson on Reading Eggs.

These lessons have taught him some things we haven't yet covered in Phonics Pathways, such the long e sound made by "ee".


I'm sure I've forgotten something I wanted to add, but it's late and I've said plenty. I'm astounded each day that this little guy continues to want to read more and more on his own. He told me this evening that he can't wait until he's a big boy like his brother so that he can read his story books instead of just the "little books". I asked him if he didn't like the "little books". He said that he did, but that they are for "little boys". :) He's such a wonderful and insightful little dude.

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  1. My daughter reading really took off closer to 3, and then it was almost like the light was turned on. It looks like Robbie is almost at this breakthrough point and fluent reading might come very soon.


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