Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 3 years old.

We didn't really do any of his "book work" this week. Here are a few highlights of the things we DID do.

intentional learning


We can't seem to get away from the Creation story and activities. Here are a few pages I made for him. He loves the fact that God made him, so I ran with it. There are more pages covering other body parts and uses for them, but I didn't get pics.


He did lessons using our free trial at ABCReadingEggs.com. He has fallen in love with this site, but I don't think we'll be able to afford to continue past his free trial. I'm simply letting him enjoy it while he can since he's been bored with Starfall.com for a while.


I captured a few fine motor moments:

Customizing his Daddy's store-bought birthday cake.

He stickered the front of a card for his Daddy...

... and wrote on the inside (see, I told you I don't worry at all about handwriting)


... listening to me explain basic place value ...

... working on showing his basic understanding ...

playful learning

Yep, that ball hit me in the shin immediately after I snapped this one.

natural learning

Spider webs:

... in a tree ...

... on our gate ...

extracurricular learning

Summer Reading Program projects for the week... the theme was wild animals:

Robbie made a bear mask and an owl puppet.

making mom smile

I know this looks like he is hiding, but he fell asleep in the van like this. RockerDad and I just had to get a photo of this.


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  1. I've always loved how you set up you post!

    we love the creation story too :)

    looks like a great week and the last picture is priceless :)

    added you to my blog roll hope that is ok!

  2. Creation is one of our favorite stories too. I love the spider webs, Selena is already checking to see if our spiders have returned to the windows yet. Luckily they stay on the outside!

  3. I love reading your blog. You and your little one are such an inspiration. I'm in love with the God Made Me activity! What a wonderful way to explain that we're made by God and that we should love ourselves because he made us all perfect in his eyes. We've been using the free ABC Reading Egg website as well, and she loves it! She wants to play all the time. I think she's over the JumpStart games that I got her. I love the picture of little man asleep, hidden behind his toys....super cute!

  4. How cute, I love the cake customization :) I think you did plenty!!

  5. What great activities! Your family sure is sweet!


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