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Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 2.5 years old.

Well, we've accomplished less than usual on the preschool front (and photographed even less). Our week was a good one, but difficult to describe with all that was going on outside of our normal schedule. Here is a synopsis:

intentional learning


We only did "reading lessons" (as he calls them) out of his Phonics Pathways book three or four days, but we did have fun spelling words on our white board. I'd call out the word and he'd spell it. He's still progressing nicely and he didn't cry when we couldn't sit with the book for a few minutes, so I'm satisfied.

Here is a shot of how we are using his Explode the Code Book 1. I am continuing to look ahead at each section so that I may write out the answers and cut them out of another sheet of paper. He enjoys gluing the appropriate one when needed (and I am happy to find a kinesthetic substitute for writing the answers).

This is the above sheet upon completion. I offered to circle the letters if he preferred to simply tell me the answer, but he's too independent for that.

He noodled around with our free trial at Reading Eggs. He liked it alright, but the beginner lessons seem tedious to him (letter sounds). I wonder if it would have made a difference if I had given him the placement test. I wish that I could select where to start him.


He completed a few more activities and pages in his Handwriting Without Tears Pre-k book. He is really enjoying the slate that goes with the program. I am in no rush for him to actually begin writing, but (as with everything else) he is convinced that he can (and must) do it.

He is also still working through his tracing, coloring and cutting books.

We're focusing on recognizing quantities 1-10 without the use of counting, per our Rightstart Activities for the AL Abacus book. He has mastered 1-7 and is really "getting it" with 8-10.

He again played matching games using different combinations of the tally cards, finger cards and numeral cards I made for him (without counting).

I'm trying to slow him down in his Essential Math, Kindergarten Level A. He's breezing through more than a unit per week (and that's with me making him stop). We probably won't proceed in this book until he's mastered basic AL Abacus skills (1-10) without counting.

practical learning

He has been helping his Daddy care for his pepper plants and has mastered driving his gigantic Ford F-150 Power Wheels.... forward and reverse.

playful learning

He built a ramp out of his wooden blocks so that he could stack blocks and knock them down with his Hot Wheels cars.

He also built me a house. :)

natural learning
Most of my side of our family had lunch at the restaurant at a local state park for Mother's Day. Here are a few shots from the park:

extracurricular learning

We spent some time at a local park (no photos) and at my Mom's house. We really didn't do any extracurriculars.... unless you count his T-Ball game.

making mom smile

I snapped this photo just after R's T-Ball game. RockerDad was taking him to the concession stand (players get a free drink after each game). It warms my heart each time I see this photo.


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  1. Phonics looks really great!! Squeak isn't much into phonics instruction yet, I'm just letting her do whatever she wants. Including Reading Eggs! Our subscription ran out and it's a cute program but my only complaints are that there's too much repetition and you have to start at Lesson #1, you can't skip (or if you can, I don't know how!)

    I bought the larger Al Abacus and the workbook. I didn't see an activity book (I bought it from Rainbow Resources so either I missed it or they don't carry it). I'll let you know how it goes. I placed the order yesterday so hopefully everything will come maybe next week!

    The duck looks like it's about to peck you!!

  2. What a great week!!! So many fun activities:)

  3. I love that idea about pasting the answers into Explode the Code. I think I'll use that for my youngest daughter! Thanks!

  4. It's great that your son has such "can do" attitude. One problem that I have with my daughter is that she doesn't want to attempt something that she cannot do perfectly. I loved car ramp - very creative!

  5. Totally missed this when you first posted it. Saw it on Adventures of Bear, and now I'm going to save these math cards for when we do tally marks.


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