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We were unable to make it to the library this week, so here are a few of the books from our family collection that he enjoyed:

Ready, Set, Skip!We've had this book on our shelf for a few years, but I had never read it to him. I'm not sure why, but I hadn't. We both enjoyed this book. It was simple, but (if we hadn't been curled up ready for a nap when we read it) it could help a child to easily learn how to skip. We plan to try this out when we're NOT in bed next time.

Tomie's Little Mother GooseR has never cared for Mother Goose rhymes, but he chose this little book the other day and I tried it. He seemed to enjoy it, but he didn't ask for it again. We'll see what the future brings.

Beatrix Potter CollectionThis is a constant favorite with my little guy. He brings this collection to me way more often than I had anticipated he would when we first read it. His current favorite is "The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher". Since we do not have the complete collection of her books, we've been slowly picking up the reissues of her individual books at used book stores for a buck or two each.

Great Boy StoriesI've been reading one story (sometimes two) from this book each night at bedtime (at the request of both R. and his Daddy). At times, I feel that the vocabulary is too far over R's head, but he listens and enjoys the stories, so perhaps I'm wrong. I actually feel that the selections have rather arbitrary beginning and ending points, leaving the reader feeling confused and cheated. The "boys" enjoy them, but we'll probably take this one to the used book store for trade when we're finished.

We read many, many more books and stories than I've listed here, but these are a few of the new and/or memorable ones from the past week.

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