Sticky Science Part 1: Making Putty

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RockerDad chose this small experiment kit to do with R (since they both love experiments).

Sticky Science

First, they went over the instructions and gathered their supplies. The only thing we had to add ourselves was tap water.

RockerDad took fridge magnets 1,2 and 3 and placed them on the table. He told R which step each item went with and R placed them by the right number.

They mixed step 1 (borax and water).

... measuring the clear sticky glue ...

R stirred the food coloring powder into the sticky glue.

Then they added the sticky glue mixture into the borax solution and began to stir it together. This began to get very thick and gooey and soon they had...

... PUTTY!!!

Here is a shot of R squishing the putty in a zip-top bag. We opted to keep it in the bag because the food coloring was staining EVERYTHING (perhaps we used too much).

The guys had lots of fun with this project and both are looking forward to their next experiment. I really enjoyed it because I got to sit back and watch them have fun together.


  1. What a cool kit to find. Did it feel like the putty you buy?

  2. Actually, Ticia, I thought it felt like sticky slime and looked like coagulated blood (sorry for the graphic answer). I think a different shade of food coloring (or less of it) would have been better.


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