A Memorable Day... on many levels.

RockerTot has been half potty trained for over a year... but he's been stubborn about the other part. He met every one of the "alleged" readiness signs, but he still insisted on hiding in his room and going in his pants and then calling for me to change him.

Well... today I heard these wonderful words coming from our bathroom, "Mommy, I poop-ed" (2 syllables)... and there was much rejoicing.

About an hour later, he read his first Bob Book to me. I didn't think he'd have the endurance or attention span, but he told me that he wanted to read a real book to me, so I let him try.

He also had everyone in stitches at his T-Ball game this evening. He's so unpredictable... and such a stinker!

I was a proud mommy today!

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