Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Robbie is 2.5 years old.

I read the story of the nativity and asked basic comprehension questions. He did very well with this. He colored a sheet for each story we read. I then cut out each picture he colored. When we finish (next week) we will assemble all the pieces into a nativity scene.

We played many phonics games throughout the week. Some, I'd show a letter and he'd give me the sound as quickly as possible.. others, I'd make the sound and he'd have to bring me the correct letter. He excelled at this. He also watched both his Leapfrog DVDs and played on Starfall.com (he loves the "make a word with.." games).

He completed a homemade booklet of straight lines to trace. His patience and precision are improving, but we're still going to stay with basic lines and curves for some time.

We completed lessons 14-16 in his Saxon Math K book this week. Most everything is still basic review for him, but I don't want to skip anything due to his age. I modify lessons to suit him and I rarely follow the script.

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