Open-Ended Art: Matisse Meets Toy Story

For this week's Open-Ended Art, the theme was Henri Matisse.

We've been looking at his works online and talking about them.

Today, we did our RockerTot-relevant version of Icarus. It's not really very open-ended, but he's still recovering from his illness and I thought that the product would cheer him up more than the process (he still wasn't up to doing very much). If he feels better while this subject is still open, we'll try a more open-ended Matisse project.

I created the negative image for him (to get him interested) of his favorite space ranger, Buzz Lightyear. This was glued onto blue construction paper. I also cut stars and comet tails out of yellow construction paper and a red dot for a space suit button.

RockerTot glued the stars onto the page. (Lol, I guess it's time to move to a new medium, huh?) Even though the actual project was a quick one for him, he was extremely proud of the outcome.

Here is the final, dry product.

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  1. It looks great!

  2. Not as open-ended as I would expect Matisse imitation to be, but definitely a lot better than what we ended up with :)

  3. thanks for linking up! glad he had fun that is the main goal of open art have fun, explore art and let them create!


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