Fun in the Yard

I didn't want anyone to think that all RockerTot ever does is Tot-School, so I'll post the pics of his day in the yard yesterday.

RockerDad is showing RockerTot a woodpecker high up in the tree. RockerTot is fascinated by birds.

They went out to the pond and found these tracks in the mud. RockerTot liked seeing the "toes".

We have only lived here for two weeks, but the leaves had not been raked last fall. RockerDad raked them into piles to haul off and spread in the woods. RockerTot had to sit in each pile before they left the yard.

RockerDad caught a grasshopper each for RockerTot and his cousins, J & E. They each got a $2 bug cage from the Dollar General Store. RockerTot LOVES his grasshopper. He giggles and squeals each time he sees it jump. We will set it free soon and catch him a new bug to look at.

Cousin J blew bubbles for RockerTot.

After playing in the dirt all day, RockerTot came inside to get cleaned up so that we could run some errands. He went back out with his dad for a few minutes before we left and ended up doing the breaststroke in a pile of dirt.

It was a superfun day.


  1. He looks so focused on the bird in the tree!

  2. What fun I love the foot prints!! That's learning at its finest :)


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