New Tot Book Files

I have just uploaded some new Tot Book files. Here is a link to my personal blog where I posted them, if anyone is interested.

Musings of the RockerMom: More Tot Book Files

I still do not have color ink, so I cannot print them out to show examples. I apologize for this. RockerTot still isn't ready for these, so I just make them and save them for when he is.

The Tot Book themes I have used are:

Creation - a very simple Tot Book for teaching this topic

Frogs - RockerTot loves frogs, so I made him a beginner's study on them

Dumbo - Ever since RockerDad introduced this movie to RockerTot, we've been driven crazy. He asks to watch Dumbo all day long (we don't allow this, of course). I made this because he is so into Dumbo at the moment.

Primary Colors - This is the file I made a while back, but I have updated a few things and changed the file link.


  1. Thanks for all the great tot book ideas!

  2. I love the Creation tot book. Thank you!


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