Tot School

RockerTot is currently 21 months old.

We're still trying to get settled into our new place, so you'll see messy backgrounds in these pics. I did get to make a trip to the Dollar Tree and found some wonderful items. We used a few of them this week.

He played with his Bottle Top Name puzzle that I made for him.

He enjoyed using glue for the first time while putting together his handprint rainbow.

Here he is placing stickers on his St. Patty's Day snake before I cut it out so he could play with its springy coils. You can print one out here, but I just drew one on green construction paper.

... working his new number puzzle that I found at the Dollar Tree...

RockerTot really loved placing the spaghetti noodles into the holes of this Mrs. Dash shaker (washed thoroughly, of course).

Here he is working on a shamrock and bugs foam craft. I found packs of 32 foam sheets and packs of foam stickers at the Dollar Tree. He loves these.

I feel odd saying this, but he's sorting poker chips into drinking cups. Hey, whatever works, right?

I made this little foam shapes/sorting/fine motor activity for him. I may post later about how I did it. He loved it!! We used the plastic marbles from the game "Aggravation" because they matched the foam very closely.

..another puzzle from the Dollar Tree..

He begged for the beans to come back out all week, so I finally gave in.


As always, I'll end with my favorite photo(s) from this week.

It's difficult to see, but RockerTot was looking at a grasshopper. He got really excited and giggled and jumped each time the grasshopper hopped.

RockerDad coaxed the little insect onto a dried pod of some sort for RockerTot to inspect more closely. Not many things can make RockerTot give up his baseball, but the grasshopper must be one of them.


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  1. RM,you make me want to start over from the beginning! RT is SO lucky to have a mom like you!!

  2. Lovely post! Thanks for some more great ideas!

  3. I like the idea of using broken up spaghetti noodles for feeding through, and an empty spice jar. I'll have to remember that and use it, because that would be wildly popular at my house.

  4. I love your blog and gave you an award on mine. Come and get it.

  5. I really enjoyed your comment about the poker chips and drinking cups! Too funny.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Awww, look how proud he is of himself :) Looks like a busy week to me!

  7. We use pipe cleaners in an empty (cleaned) Montreal Steak seasoning jar. Bear likes that. I wish my daughter would color sort like Rocker Tot. She isn't keen on it though.


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