Summer Update... Getting Back To It

Summer School

 Well, baseball is finally over and we're back to our summer schedule.  Here are some pics of what we've been doing since summer began.

Second grade will officially begin on August 11, but some intentional laid-back learning is still going on.

We're both solidifying our quick recall of the Greek alphabet... mostly through games.

Greek Alphabet Dice Game
Greek Alphabet Dice Game

We'll be moving away from Singapore Math this fall, but he's still using unfinished parts for review.  He also started the Life of Fred Elementary Math series.  He LOVES it!  (I love that he does it independently, which is a fairly new thing for him.)

Singapore Math (top) and Life of Fred (bottom)

I'm using the summer to make sure that Robbie can apply the spelling rules he's learned.  Below, he was using his knowledge to decide whether to use a "c" or a "k" in the middle of a word and identifying open/closed syllables.

Spelling Review

He is required to read a chapter (or for a time limit, if a chapter is particularly long or short) daily.

We're also doing a bit of reading from Story of the World Vol. 1 to cover a few things we didn't get to.


The beginning of his summer was monopolized by practices and tournaments for the 5/6 year old all star team.  They went out quickly in sub-district play, be had such a great time, learned a lot about the sport and made new friends.  :)

5 & 6 Year Old All Stars

He was excited to get his regular season trophy, but was stunned speechless by his huge all star trophy.

Baseball Trophies!!

Robbie has decided not to play soccer this fall.  He wants to try (American) football.  I'm not sure if this mommy can handle the roughness, but he's asked for two years.  We'll see how the football camp goes before final decisions are made.


I've been working on second grade lesson plans... I'm nearly finished.  I'll post more about it soon.

Second Grade History Books
Second Grade History Books

Well, that's a glimpse of our early summer.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of this blogging thing.

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