Midsummer Wrap-Up

I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by... can you?

Well, here's a short update on the past few weeks of fun and summer (home)school.

Robbie's Daily Summer Schedule (this has changed since my initial summer school post)
HISTORY:  finishing up the two big civilizations we didn't get to in our Ancient History studies, starting with Greece.  
READING: a chapter (give or take) each day from his current literature selection.
MATH: 2 pages in his Singapore workbook and a Life of Fred Chapter
GREEK: 1 page in his Greek workbook
SPELLING:  2 words, 2 phrases and 1 sentence from dictation

Ancient Greece and Life of Fred - the arithmetic is super-easy, but he loves to read the chapters.

A bit of fun from around the 4th...

I couldn't get a clear photo of their fireworks, but that's Robbie with a roman candle.

Robbie and a few cousins at the lake house on the 4th.

... and a bit more fun from after the 4th ...

RockerDad throwing Robbie in the pool and Robbie doing a pose as Link (from the Zelda games).

Springy-eyed glasses and chopstick fun.

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  1. You guys have gotten a lot of school work done this summer, as well as having fun! Great job!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I should go back and edit it to clarify that the "daily" schedule doesn't actually happen daily... more like a few times per week.


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