Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up


We're still working our way through his NIrV Bible Story Book. Robbie learned about Jesus in the temple at 12 years old this week.

Language Arts

Robbie has completed half of his Hooked on Phonics level. I've slowed his Explode the Code to a single page per day so that it will last through both levels of HOP 1st Grade. ETC 3 should fit nicely with the 2nd grade HOP, so I don't want to start it before we're there. He is still reading daily and progressing nicely.

He worked a bit on alphabetical order. He sometimes skips "N" when he says the alphabet. Placing the letters in order reminds him that it has to go somewhere... lol.

Our next step will be placing a few letters in alphabetical order (instead of the entire alphabet), then words.

I posted more about some of our methods and fun in my weekly Reading With Robbie post.


Numbers have been the focus this week. I make all of Robbie's handwriting sheets. I actually have the Startwrite software, but I prefer this method for now.


We enjoyed games of UNO and Dominoes.

I added an addition tray to his math shelves.

It quickly became one of his favorites.

His new geoboard tray. I added these to the little basket after I took the photo.

If you download the geoboard cards, you can simply draw the design you want your child to copy onto the geoboard (or the child can transfer what he/she makes on the geoboard onto the cards). I think that laminating a few of these would be cool so that they could easily be reused.

He also started working on very basic number bonds. Free printables can be found here.

Everything Else

Robbie and Tyler each placed their handprint into a stepping stone for our new place. (Thanks, Aunt Mimi!!!)

Brothers... hanging out on the front steps. :)


What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Nice week! I can't believe that Robby is able to do 2nd grade material already! She is doing so well!

  2. Thanks, but I don't think he's doing 2nd grade material. He's reading through the 1st grade Hooked on Phonics, but I don't truly consider it on grade level. I think that he should have covered 1st Grade reading by the end of the 2nd Grade levels. Long vowels aren't even introduced until the 2nd grade levels (although he's familiar with some forms already). He loves the format, however, so we are sticking with it.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I’m a fellow crew mate stopping by to say hi :-)
    Thanks for sharing! I’m now following you.
    ~ Nanette

  4. Visiting and following from TOS crew!

  5. How fun! I sometime miss those younger years! My youngest is a 1st grader now so my time is limited for those "tray projects"! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!

  6. Great week!! He's doing such an awesome job with the reading.


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