A Glimpse of Robbie's Reading Lessons

Reading With Robbie

Robbie has been doing his Hooked on Phonics lessons daily. We only spend about 5 minutes per day on these.

These are a few pages from this week's lessons...

Here is the story he will read for his lesson today...

Robbie finished his new helper word rocket this week. He surprised me when I presented the words. I had originally planned to introduce a few each week, but he read every word but "could" on the first try.

He colored half of his helper word cards earlier in the week. He'll be coloring these today and/or tomorrow.

Since he knows his helper words a few lessons early, it will give us an opportunity to play around with r-controlled vowels. I'll use our printables as well as some other things I've found on the web. Hopefully, that will be part of next week's post.

Here is a shot of the board where we keep his literacy work and sticker chart.

He's been doing one page of his Explode the Code daily. He was doing more, but I cut him back to a page per day. It's a good review.

Here is a pic of his page for today.

These are the books he will read to me today. They are below what he is working on, but they are helping to build his fluency and keep his confidence up.

I placed a small magnetic board on his literacy shelves with the alphabet, but I removed some of the letters. I thought it would be a fun into to working on alphabetic order.

He enjoyed doing it. Next week, I plan to just let him put all the magnets on in alphabetical order himself.

He found his old c-v-c puzzles and worked them in his room one day.

This seems like a lot, but we actually spend very little time on structured learning. Usually less than 45 minutes per day, in small chunks.


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