Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

It's been a busy and crazy week! Last Monday, RockerDad started a new job and on Friday, we were moving things into our new place. We've been trying to get settled in this week and do the final unpacking and setting up. We did manage to get in a bit of school a few days this week, though.

Language Arts

Robbie worked through Lesson 2 of his Hooked on Phonics 1st Grade this week. These lessons are quick and he loves the format.

He also read several readers both to me and on his own for fun.

I wrote a bit more about what's going on with his reading progress and my thoughts
on how we will proceed in my weekly Reading With Robbie post.


Robbie is working through the letter formation section of the Brainquest K workbook. Also, he has been working on penmanship sheets that I make for him by hand. I use these homemade sheets for extra practice and to isolate individual strokes which seem to be difficult.

He has really found an interest in coloring, so I have been letting him work through his Kumon Book of Coloring at the Zoo to help strengthen his finger, hand and wrist muscles and build the necessary stamina for writing (when he's older).


We completed a few Rightstart lessons this week. I really don't think I'll know if we like it or not until we get to lessons that are more challenging.

Other math activities...

He really enjoyed sorting plastic coins by both value and name.

We played with his hundred board together, taking turns calling out a number for the other person to cover.

Every time he saw an abacus this week, he felt the need to make the stairs. He does this easily (without counting, sliding the entire quantity). I know that when we get to this part in Rightstart, he'll breeze through it.

Robbie was amusing himself with his balance scale and 1cm gram cubes on this day.

Everything Else

Playing on Time4Learning.com




  1. You were busy this week! I'm just going through people's blogs through the Preschool Corner. I'm starting next week with my son in K4. We are going to use Hooked on Phonics letter sounds. It's good to know your some likes Hooked on Phonics. It's the only one I liked (that was also in my budget).

  2. I love the way you lay out your posts! I am interested in what you think of Rightstart (I'll check your other posts). My son also enjoys Time4Learning- it has been fun for him to have school that he can do completely on his own. Great week!

  3. Love the math manipulatives. We have a few of these items in our school. I need to bring them out. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I'm impressed that you had school in spite of moving! Love the scale! I think it's now on my wish list!


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