Weekly Wrap-Up

Nursery School Wrap Up

Theme for our studies this week
As usual.... none.

Great books we read together
Our read-alouds are listed here.

Books Robbie read to me
Dog Bug
Tub Fun
Tom's Pal
The Fog
Pop Fox

One lesson or interesting fact we learned
Robbie learned some basics about digestion (poop is always fun for a little boy). He was also a platypus named "Carpet and Shells" for a few days.

As Mom/teacher, I found this week to be
Short and mostly play-based.... but he is starting to surprise me with his mental math. He does addition problems all day long (we don't really work on addition, yet). RockerDad says that Robbie gets the math stuff from me.

A favorite hands-on project
Playing with Flarp and drawing.

We laughed when
He made noises with the Flarp

Craft idea for this week

I am praying for my child to
Continue to love learning and grow to be a self-confident, compassionate and tolerant man... but the man part doesn't need to rush itself.

Our Favorite extracurricular activity was...
Playing catch with the dog in the back yard.

Pic of the week
I don't have any pics. Hopefully I'll take some next week.


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  1. cracking up laughing - so true "some basics about digestion (poop is always fun for a little boy" We have a disgusting science kit and you'd think it was the coolest thing ever!!

    have a great weekend

  2. It sounds like another nice week. Robbie is doing great with his studies.

  3. Ha ha ha!! I had to go see what a flarp was-never heard it called by that name!! Goes nicely with the poop discussion :).


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