Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Edition #6

I know I skipped posting last week, but the holiday messed with our schedule and there simply wasn't much to blog about. That is why a few of these pics are Independence Day related.

These are a few of the books he read to me this week. 

For some reason, I have more pictures of Robbie doing his spelling than anything else.
I suppose it is easier to snap photos during spelling than during other subjects.

Compound words from dictation...

Tracing a spelling rule...

More compound words from dictation... 

These are a few of the books I read to Robbie.. 
Robbie also completed a fair amount of math, handwriting and phonics work, as well.
You'll have to trust me. I have no photo evidence.

Since I haven't posted it before, I thought I'd include a shot of the inside of Robbie's Fourth of July lapbook.
He loved the plasma car at the local indoor bounce house. 

Since the days were either way too hot or way too rainy, he enjoyed running, climbing,
bouncing and riding at inexpensive indoor play areas.

Robbie made Mr. Tortilla Head (after taking a few tortilla bites). 

There was a ninja in our living room playing Wii Fit Plus. 

He built his own 4th of July dessert.

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  1. How did you do the book montage jpgs? I love the way they look.

  2. I use Photoshop for all of my images. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. What great reading and spelling for Pre-K!

  4. It looks like an awesome week. No way I would get Anna to do so much seatwork in summer though :)

  5. It always looks like a ton of work when I post, but it takes us less than an hour each day. Even that time is divided into either two or three short bursts. Even with the additional subjects we will add in the fall, I know that we will have to spend a ton of additional time on read-alouds and other non-seatwork activities to meet the state-required minimum of 4 hours per day. Thank you for visiting and commenting. :)


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