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Nursery School Wrap Up

intentional learning


We really just did the usual. Read-alouds and reading to Mommy.


His handwriting is getting much better.

I printed the uppercase alphabet onto sentence strips, glued them to a piece of construction paper and laminated it so that he can trace the letters whenever he wants. (He hasn't wanted to... yet.)


We were given this set of lawn dice by our cousins. Robbie and I put the stickers on the dice and had fun making up addition games using them.

One of the games involved rolling two dice, adding the numbers and jumping inside the target circles the same number of times as the answer. (I don't usually get to take pictures of our more physical activities because I'm always the other player. I was excited to get this one shot.)

playful learning

He played a bit with his Valentine Sensory Bin. He really just likes the rocks and the mazes. He's been pulling out the "diamonds" to use in his pirate treasure chest (a little wooden jewelry chest).

Lots of fun with his Valentine's play-doh bin...

I cut out some hearts (3 sizes) and glued them together. I laminated them so that he could make play-doh hearts. (We don't have heart cookie cutters. Plus, I thought this would be more fun.)

No matter which tools he has access to, he always seems to create transformers (that's what he says they are). :)

We picked up this US map puzzle at the Dollar Tree last week. He worked it as soon as we got home.

Of course, Lego creations are always around.

RockerDad made the Mario. Robbie is really into Mario and Luigi right now.

making mom smile

He has been reading, playing his DS and just hanging out in his "house".


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  1. Such a sweet time. Your days are filled with lots of goodness.

  2. Great week! I am impressed with Robbie's writing!

  3. Robbie's face in that orange circle is priceless!!

    We really enjoy Sonlight Science K. We are using the 4 day program and the 4th day is an experiment day but the experiments don't always line up with the lessons. So I just skip that day because I add enough of our own projects in. We we head back to Sonlight, I plan on using the 5 day science, I think. Then when Squeak is a bit older, I want to try God's Design for Science.

  4. What a great week! And a great find at Dollar Tree.

  5. Love the action shot! And I like the dice math activity idea. Sounds like a fun week!


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