Lego Challenge #1: Two Dimensional Design

Phyllis at All Things Beautiful just posted the first of her Lego Challenges. Challenge #1 is Two-Dimensional Design. 

Robbie loved the idea of Lego Challenges and ran off to build "scenes", as he called them. This was a great opportunity to discuss 2-D vs. 3D.

Robbie is a five-year-old Lego addict. Here are the three scenes he made (described in his own words).

"Luigi is trying to get all of the colorful coins, but the cloud is in his way."

"Bowser from Super Mario 64."
"Mario jumping over the fire Bowser is breathing."
If your family would like to join in the Lego fun, head over to All Things Beautiful and link up!!


  1. Oh, wow, he did have a lot of fun! They are fantastic, Robbie! Thanks for linking up, and thanks for the shout out!

  2. It's interesting that he recreated a video game. I wonder what my daughter will build, it sounds like a great challenge!


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