Kindergarten Wrap-Up: All Play Edition

I haven't really been taking photos during school time as much as I used to, so I haven't been posting. I decided that I'd go ahead and post some pics from NON school time.

a DS, a lollipop for a stylus and his first time eating celery and peanut butter (which he LOVED)

playing with blocks he forgot he had

being bitten by a mutant spider...

... and turning into this

making his own custom Spider Man mini figures (both black and red suit)

He hasn't touched these guys in a LONG time, but he watched a Toy Story movie and brought them out.

making cookies with RockerDad

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  1. My son is a Spider Man lover as well. I chuckled when I saw the picture of yours in the spider man suit, because my son often wears his while doing schoolwork. :)


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