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It's been a few years since we've had a calendar as part of our school day. I gave it up due to space issues and the fact that Robbie had a good grasp of the concepts. I've wanted to add it back in and have been struggling to find something that will work for us. I think I've done it!!! 

We now have a wipe-off daily calendar board. No fussy pieces to store, lose, bend, crush or tear.. Nothing overly-frivolous or "baby-looking" (as Robbie calls many of the cute things I try to use). I really think this will work for us.


Our printables are simply mounted onto a piece of posterboard. (I cut it to fit my frame, first.) They are housed in a 18" x 24" poster frame I already had. Our Expo markers, erasers and cleaner are all working well on the plexiglass covering our printables.

Of course, one could always laminate each item, but I had the frame and thought it would look nice.

Click for FREE Calendar Printables

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  1. Using a frame is such a good idea! I might be using this.


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