Kindergarten Wrap-Up: Week 3

Somehow, this week felt like it was filled with math and science.

There's nothing major to report. We just keep on truckin'. 

Aside from regular math lessons, we played several math games. I managed to snap pictures of addition war with our ten frame cards.

He also played with his various geoboards one afternoon.

We're still in the midst of our human body studies for science. We're using The Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body for some of our experiments. Robbie loves putting the stickers on his body poster.

He was much more fascinated by his model of a ball and socket joint than I had anticipated. 

We are nearly finished with our city/county/state portion of his lapbook. 
We'll be expanding to our country soon. 

We did a project I had seen on Pinterest. Here is mine (the example)...

... here is Robbie's.

We also finally finished our Van Gogh study by doing the corresponding project from The Usborne Art Treasury


He's still loving AWANA, learning his Upward verses and reading to me daily from his Beginner's Bible

Corn Maze 

Water Balloon War

Check out our Pinterest Boards for more ideas!!


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  1. I love your focus on science. Robbie seems to be doing really well in every subject. Van Gogh picture is very cool!


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