Weekly Wrap-Up.. Another Mario Week

Weekly Wrap Up

Robbie asked if we could have a Super Mario Brothers week again, so that's what we did!
Language Arts
..reading, writing, spelling, fine motor, etc..

Robbie colored his character names. (He could have traced, but he chose to color.)

He completed some word pipes. 

He cut out and glued his puppets. I was treated to several shows with these guys.

He did quite a bit of coloring.


Robbie had fun with some new math manipulatives.

He loved using is googly-eye dice I made for him to play his Mario game (from his lapbook).

He started working on his Ways to Make 6-10 Printables.

Everything Else

We made a few Super Mario Galaxy scenes out of construction paper. Here are some shots of him playing with the "Bee Mario" scene. 

Robbie builds Mario characters out of Lego blocks on a daily basis.

He played with his stuffed characters...

... and his plastic ones. 

He was very excited when his Kindergarten materials arrived!!

The post for Robbie's first Super Mario Brothers week can be found here.

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What have you been up to this week?



  1. This is a great week. Robbie's coloring is very neat. Anna is at least a year older, and she is still a pretty sloppy colorer.

  2. I looooovvee those goggly eye dice! How fun!

    And look at all those great books for school!

  3. Super creative! When I saw the title I thought it might have been a sick week :).

  4. Mario out of legos - CAN NOT wait to show that to my boys in the morning!!

  5. Oh wow, I am very impressed with his Mario Lego guy! And those googly eye dice look like tons of fun!


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